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Divine Attire



Divine Attire is a deity boutique situated in Delhi to provide you with high quality customisable dresses,jewelleries and all accessories required for Deity dressing for you deities worldwide at reasonble 


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What we offer

Divine Attire dont only provide you with dresses but also with other Deity dressing accessories. Lets have a overview at products offered

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Starting from 799/-

Dresses at Divine Attire are completely customisable and of pure quality fabric starting from a very nominal price range

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Starting from 399/-

  • Mukut/Crown is the traditional symbolic form of headgear worn by Gods and Goddess. Can be customised as per your deity sizes and matching with their outfits.

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Starting from 599/-

Chandrikas are a part of Deity accesories that enlightens the overall grace of Deities .

Starting from a nominal range of 599 

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Starting from 599/-

 jewelry makes the God and Goddess at temples more attractive. Jewelry are specially designed for your deities at Divine attire​

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Who we are?

Hare Krishna! Divine Attire is a stop to provide you  good quality products to for your deities worldwide. 

Working devotees at Divine Attire are there  to provide you with the best custom made dressses and accessories for your deities as per your choice and ideas.

While working workers are strictely told to follow the basic cleanliness and chant his holy name.

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